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  Sink your teeth into our Hometown mouth watering Reuben Sandwich Get Yours Today

Sauerkraut Pizza is now on the menu at Hometown LockerRoom

NEW Cauliflower Pizza Crust 

Gluten Free Pizza Crust


Dine in for Lunch and Dinner with these Specials

5 piece Hometown Breaded Fish Nuggets with our salt and pepper  fries and a side Salad $9.00

12 pieces of our Yuengling breaded shrimp our salt and pepper  fries and a salad $9.00

Breaded Cod tail Fish Sandwich $4.50

Our 2 for $20 Dine In Deals


Option #1

2- 8" Hot subs your choice

2- fountain drinks

1- Warm 8" mouth watering Dessert Cookie 

Option #2

12" 2 topping Pizza

2- fountain drinks

2- side salads

2- breadsticks

2- cinnamon sticks


Home Run Special

16" 3 item pizza with bread sticks and a 2 liter of  a Pepsi product for $22.00

dipping sauce and cheese are extra

The Sheet

1- 18" x 26" pizza for the "Win"

approximately 50 pieces in this deal for only $25.00 and $4.50/topping

The Pick-Up Special

16" Single topping PICK UP ONLY $13.00 when you mention the pick up special



CALL 419 394 0130

option 1) a 16" 3 topping  pizza

       Breadsticks and a 2 liter of Pop for $22.00

option 2) 16" 3 topping pizza 

     1lb. of Boneless wings and a 2 liter of Pop for                                          $25.00                                               

option 3)  is 5 (6") subs of your choice

     5 bags of lays chips one of our 8" comfort cookies a 2 liter of Pop  all for $35.00

These are Special during the current pandemic.

We will also be doing Daily Specials Starting  SOON as part of our 2nd year Kick-off

keep checking back 

Cod Fish Sandwich, a 5 piece

Hometown seasoned  and

Breaded  Fish Nugget dinner or The Yuengling Battered Shrimp Basket!  These are sure to have you coming back.

And There's More

While we are at it lets bring in 

4 NEW Gourmet Burgers and I mean BIG Mouth Watering Fresh all Angus Beef BURGERS.

Introducing the Mushroom Swiss, Rocky Burger, Pizza Burger and the Jalapeno Burger you will almost need a knife and fork for any of them.  

Challenge worthy SIZE! 

Are you up for it?


you asked for it so 3 new ones just for you

Chipotle Ranch

The "Baughman Bowl"



Stop in and Give them a try!