History of the Locker Room

About the Owners

Brad and Shelby Wiechart are the current owners of the Locker Room. More about the owners - Coming Soon!

Locker Room Pizza has been serving the St Marys community for many years. Check back here for a history of the Locker Room as we find new things from the past.

Did You Know?

That Hometown LockerRoom    uses a premium Italian pizza cheese specially crafted for discerning pizzerias and restaurants that are passionate about using the best ingredients.  The Cheese is uniquely crafted with fresh, Grade A milk and their signature Kiss of Buffalo Milk™ to deliver an authentic, delicious taste and unparalleled performance.  The vegetables we use are purchased locally and we slice and dice them here for the freshest taste we can give you.  Once you put these fresh quality toppings on our crust you will taste a pizza like no other around.